Last Will PostMortem
Last will and (little) secrets
I inform my acquaintances... but AFTER my death !
Five steps
1- I upload onto this web site my last will : Examples
2- For each, materialized by a file, of any type, I indicate to whom (future recipients) I wish it to be sent, by e-mail, AFTER my death.
How does the web site suspect I have died ?
3- I set a « maximum » delay at the end of which a series of daily reminders, generated by the web site BUT remained without any reaction from me, will make the site suppose I have died.
4- I set a notice period that determines the date of the very first reminder, sent by e-mail, and to which the web site expects me to react by a simple click.
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How does the web site make sure of it ?
5- I name two attesters who, after the ultimate reminder left without any reaction from me (see step 4), will receive an e-mail and will confirm or not my death (a simple click). Then the web site will proceed or not with the sending of the documents (files) to their recipients, listed at step 2.
In case of no death (blocking impediment, coma, jail, slow ocean crossing...) or of inconsistency between the two attesters, a special procedure is conducted.