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Setting the « maximum » delay and the notice period
(simulation with an explanation purpose)
1- « Maximum » delay : duration at the end of which no reaction at all from me upon reception, by e-mails, of reminders could be interpreted as my possible death : days.
2- Duration before a very first reminder is received : the max delay decreased by a notice period, to be set here : days. A reminder remained not responded a day generates the sending of a new reminder the day after... Until the « maximum » delay is possibly reached.
NOTICE : these durations can be modified at any time or even disabled. Convenient, if you know that you'll be without any Internet access over a long period of time (slow ocean crossing, e.g...).
Below, I can make of the result :
Today, we are on the : 14 July 2024.
  • As early as 12 August, I'll receive a reminder asking me to react (very first one).
  • Either I answer to it - a simple click - and the delay is re-activated for 40 days, with the next reminder received 10 September...
  • Or I don't answer to it and I'll receive another reminder the day after... and so on...
  • If I don't answer to any of them, as early as 23 August, the web site will suppose I have died (or I am blocked). It will stop sending reminders and will ask the two attesters, whom I'll have formerly chosen, whether or not I have died.
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